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Current location:Home » News » Corporate News » [Group Standards] The kick-off meeting of two group standards, "B1 grade wire and cable wrapping materials" and "halogen-free low smoke filling materials", was successfully held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan
[Group Standards] The kick-off meeting of two group standards, "B1 grade wire and cable wrapping materials" and "halogen-free low smoke filling materials", was successfully held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan
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On the afternoon of October 14, 2022, Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association organized experts to hold a kick-off meeting for the preparation of two group standards, namely, "Class B1 halogen-free low smoke wrapping materials for flame retardant and fire-resistant wires and cables" and "halogen-free low smoke filling materials for flame retardant and fire-resistant wires and cables", at the Secretariat of the Association.

Anhui Jinnuo New Materials, Beijing Yitian Lingyun, Shenzhen Zhongcai Cable, Huizhou Yinuoxin New Materials, Lanxi Guoli Polymer Materials, Dongguan Langsheng Materials, Guangzhou Panyu Cable, Dongguan Mingxing Cable, Zhejiang Zhongda Yuantong Special Cable, Guangdong Shengyu Cable, Guangzhou Junxingda Cable, Guangdong Xinliwan Cable, Guangdong Shuangli Cable, Nanyang Cable (Tianjin) Twenty six editorial representatives from Guangzhou Mingxing Cable and other enterprises attended the meeting, which was chaired by Qin Shiping, Deputy Secretary General of the Association.

At the meeting, deputy secretary general Qin Shiping announced the formal establishment of the group standard preparation group for wrapping materials and filling materials, and explained the preparation background, thinking and preparation of the standard. He proposed that the standard preparation should be standardized, scientific, applicable, operable, coordinated and progressiveness.

Xu Ming, Technical Director of Anhui Jinnuo New Materials Co., Ltd., introduced the first draft of the group bid for filler materials. 

Hu Xuegang, the general manager of Beijing Yitian Lingyun Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the first draft of the group standard for bag and tape materials.

At the meeting, the participants discussed the scope, technical requirements, test methods and other main contents of the two standards in depth. All the participants actively put forward many suggestions on the formulation of group standards. After the meeting, the first draft was revised and internal comments were collected.

After the convening of this meeting, it has played a very good role in guiding the preparation of standards for tape wrapping materials and filler materials, and clarified the ideas and direction for the follow-up work.

Filling material standard


Anhui Jinnuo New Material Co., Ltd

Anhui Jinnuo New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise rising under the background of national industrial structure adjustment and product optimization and transfer strategy. His predecessor, Zhejiang Xiangshan Tongda Cable Materials Co., Ltd., has worked hard in the cable industry for more than 20 years and has rich experience in production, sales, research and development.

The filling series, wrapping series, flame-retardant series, packaging series, identification series, steel copper tape series, semi conductive series and other series that have been put into operation have a large market share in the fields of high and low voltage power cables, communication optical fiber cables, marine mining cables, power submarine cables, etc., and 30% of the products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The newly developed 22KV self crosslinking high voltage polyethylene insulation material in Phase II is in the leading position in the world, filling the gap in China!

The company will take the enterprise spirit of "integrating science and technology, creating first-class, promoting cohesion and seeking development", the quality policy of "leading science and technology, quality first, customer first, and abiding by promises", the service purpose of "sincere treatment, integrity forever", and the business philosophy of "honesty based, win-win cooperation". Seize the opportunity to build the company into a key leading enterprise in the cable auxiliary material industry.

Wrapping material standard


Beijing Yitian Lingyun Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Yitian Lingyun Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing. The company is registered in Zhongguancun Science Park. The company is specialized in the field of high insulation and fire resistance, including the production and sales services of fire-resistant mica tape, halogen-free low smoke fire-retardant tape, glass fiber ribbon insulation for optical cables and other products, to provide industrial users with solutions based on "fire resistance, flame retardancy, low smoke zero halogen". Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the scientific and professional development strategy, fully focused on public safety, fire prevention and emergency response, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and services of fire-resistant mica, high cleaning materials, fire-retardant materials and other technologies, and provided overall security solutions for aerospace, petroleum, subway, key projects, national defense construction and other construction industries, The unique centralized R&D capability has won the unanimous praise of local customers. After years of development, a number of patented products with independent intellectual property rights have been developed. The company has a professional technical team. After years of gradual development, it has gathered a group of excellent technical personnel with rich experience in the mica industry for many years.

The company adheres to the principle of people-oriented, respecting knowledge and talents. All key talents are excellent engineers with rich experience. The company encourages employees to give full play to their talents and potential, and provides employees with an excellent learning environment and opportunities to display their talents, so that employees and the enterprise can grow together. The advanced management concept and clear market positioning enable the company to gather a group of long-term product R&D and sales personnel. Now it has formed a one-stop service system of product research and development, sales, technical support and after-sales service.

The company will continue to adhere to the spirit of "unity, pragmatism, dedication and innovation", and develop the company's all-round and permanent business objectives with high-quality quality, reasonable price and considerate service! Relying on Heaven strives to become a responsible social enterprise, persisting in and actively participating in quality improvement, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and other social and ecological environment friendly undertakings, and establishing a win-win partnership.

Looking forward to the future, Reliance Technology is full of confidence, adhering to the corporate philosophy of "making products with heart and creating value for customers", and actively building a corporate culture of teamwork and pragmatic innovation. Relying on Heaven Technology, a young collective, has created a positive team, full of technical vitality and marketing innovation. Through continuous optimization and development, we will be committed to becoming the guardian of national fire electricity safety.

All staff of Yitian Technology are looking forward to working with you to create brilliance!


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