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Four fire retardant cable products future trends (Network Cabling)
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First, the product technology into the era of standardization, there are rules to follow fire retardant follow the law wire and cable industry is second only to China's second largest industry, automotive industry, product variety to meet the rate and the domestic market share of more than 90%, China as one of the world's most important cable products R & D base, now with fire retardant, high temperature, low temperature resistance, low-inductance and low noise, environmental protection, halogen, termite prevention, waterproof and so a series with unique properties and special structure of cable products, and have formed a certain productivity. With the continuous improvement of the social security system and protection of the security requirements, widely publicized by the government, industry, enterprises, and to promote collaboration and efficient high performance specialty cable products will be safe as Western countries, as in all walks industry system has been widely used. The industry standard is the basis for the development of industries and enterprises, technical standards are more effective guarantee of product quality. With China cabling industry increasingly develops and matures, national authorities are vigorously promoting the standardization of cabling industry, currently has fire retardant cable products technical standards incorporated into the work plan for the next phase. Under the joint efforts of government, industry and enterprise tripartite, production and quality assurance of fire retardant cable products will be rule-based, law, technology and application of fire retardant cable will be toward more reliable fast forward more specialized fields. Second, fire retardant continues to heat up, occupy the mainstream market leader in the emerging China cabling industry growth in the competition, after decades of development has formed a certain scale. Under the impetus of global economic integration is bound to occur within the industry leader in different products, industry concentration will continue to increase. Only the emergence of industrial concentration in the industry, there has been a leader in the industry in order to create a common development concept. Enterprises can survive from the most basic considerations into scientific management point of view, the core technology, core products, the most important role in promoting the healthy development of the industry to consider in order to avoid unfair competition of low-quality low-end. Once large and small, good and bad cable manufacturers chaotic competition, some of the lack of technical and financial strength scale manufacturers in the industry to survive the immediate local interests and vicious competition will gradually end. At present, the industry leader in fire retardant has been emerging trends, domestic fire retardant cable market has formed a number of major enterprises, which extends through continuous product and channel development, through continuous improvement of enterprise management and team building, both in the degree of influence to enhance the brand or product quality, standardized service industry has become more and more user acceptance and affirmation. I believe that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration, such as expanding production scale, the scale of productivity generated will be fully reflected in the market, cost-effective products with standardized services will occupation cable market share in the majority. Third, the importance of users continue to strengthen the concept of service is improving cable products bear the important data, images and other information transfer task in the building, engineering safety systems. Because users or engineering companies for cable products, especially the emphasis on the procurement of fire retardant cable products is not enough, often resulting in a fire in a cable encounters but played a series of combustion even endanger the lives and property release poison gas and other common problems, It brought considerable heavy losses and negative impact. According to the profound lessons of the past, more and more users and works to gradually focus on the type of cable selection and proper use, and gradually change the project to use, for the purchase of cable wiring products price dominant thought. By government, industry, engineering, production enterprises to work together with the promotion of high-end device in the engineering system with low quality cables coexistence phenomenon less and less important role in fire retardant cable project uses the more positive It truly is increasingly recognized. Future fire retardant cable manufacturing companies beyond simple sense at this stage of products, at the same time will continue to extend the product chain, strengthen the service concept, to provide users with full range of compatible products, and proper use of the product provide full technical support and services, which will become the market trend of fire retardant cable wiring industry. Fourth, the international road towards the irresistible "do the world's cable companies, to build China cabling industry international national brand", has become the industry's best business development goals and corporate mission. Under the guidance of this belief, China's cable products have been widely deep into many fields of various industries, fire retardant cable along with everyone's attention to the safety requirements as well as international trends in increasing demand, domestic international cooperation between enterprises and between enterprises in advanced countries has expanded in all directions, currently the most powerful of several cable companies also follow the international market trend, the fire retardant and other special cables for extensive promotion, and invested heavily in independent research and development, a few years ago has begun to develop and launch global development strategy, through extensive cooperation and exchanges in technology, capital, management and other aspects of the introduction of foreign advanced technology and business management concepts, so that enterprises strength improved rapidly with the development. And actively go abroad to seek international markets, increase exports, is now a large number of fire retardant cable products are exported around the world. Conclusion With the rapid development of China's wire and cable industry, people are required to enhance safety, fire retardant growing awareness of such fire retardant cable industry overall technological level has been greatly improved. Although CMP grade level high flame retardant cable prices are high, such as has not been large-scale promotion, but a high fire retardant cable for cabling market has brought new attention to hot spots. Such as data centers, financial centers, transportation hubs, convention centers, hospitals, schools, museums and other crowded places and important data stored in the future will be widely used in CMP are high levels of flame-retardant cable wiring. Many wiring business, government fire retardant cable continued promotion and publicity, as we learn more about the flame-retardant cable applications and technology has contributed to a cable fire retardant problem will undoubtedly be more and more attention, fire flame retardant grade cable will also get more applications in actual projects for information security and physical security of the data center are opportunities. The majority of users choose the cable wiring time, the relationship between the future fast and easy data transfer and security, but also to the safety of life and property, provide a powerful guarantee. At the same time, only high-quality customers to get a higher degree of recognition, high quality and good reputation of the brand is the real value, is the foundation of brand enterprises to survive. China's rise fire retardant cable is not unrealistic fantasy, but the cabling market call


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Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou