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2012 Green cable industry development forum held
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June 28, 2012, "2012 green wire and cable industry development forum" across the Taiwan Strait by the optical communications industry alliance, Lin'an City, Zhejiang wire and cable industry associations, the cable network jointly organized was held in Lin'an.


    Lin'an City Vice Mayor Feng Lei, Sun recorded the Far East cable trading treasure, general manager and general manager of the cable network has an opening statement. State Grid Smart Grid Energy Research Institute director Zhang Yibin, China Electronic Components Association optical cable Branch Secretary Zhu Ronghua, Chairman of Far East Holding Group Jiang Xipei, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Wanma polymer materials Co., Ltd. Zhou Xiuhua, Great Britain sales, general manager of Shanghai Futures Lvguo Wen, Liu Long Far East trading treasure network Technology Co., Ltd. Vice president and General Manager of China cable material exchanges, China quality certification Center Jiangsu appraisal center take Zhigang, president of the wire and cable industry association Yueqing Yu Wen products cable Sun Bao, general manager of the sale catalog, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.


    During the "green cable industry opportunities and challenges" thematic dialogue was warmly expanded. Strait Optical Communication Industry Alliance Executive Vice President, Professor Du Bolin, Executive President of Far Eastern University in Haifa chaired the forum and dialogue.

    The theme of the forum is "Strengthening innovation and intellectual development of green cable." Environment and Green Development is now increasingly become the focus of public concern, the same cable industry also needs to take the green, low-carbon, sustainable development and meet the requirements of green products has become an important economic development impact of the cable business and development factor. At the forum, the guests sincere exchange for the cable industry green economic development under the current form of awareness, hope that through this forum to unite the creative wisdom of the majority of people in the cable industry, so that we seize this round of Green Wave, win opportunity for their own development.


Phone: 020-82290338 Contact: Mr. Xu

Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou