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The Fed hinted QE3 will restart boost copper prices
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US Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday announced that the latest policy meeting minutes, once again strongly hinted ready to take new measures to promote US economic recovery. Minutes show that unless the US economic growth was significantly accelerated, or you need to quickly launch stimulus measures, the release of strong QE3 signal, this would be positive for copper prices to a certain extent.

Analysis and Prediction of copper

Yesterday's Fed meeting minutes show that unless the US economy showed signs of significant improvement, otherwise it will soon launch a new round of monetary stimulus, this implies that the market optimism gradually warming up, fell again to suppress the United States refers to boost copper price; but in the euro zone , the Greek situation is not optimistic, continued weakness in the euro zone, the market will suffer further test, copper prices space is limited. The current market concerns morning 10:30 HSBC China August PMI data, the euro area and Germany and later time in August manufacturing data.

Market Trend Analysis

A international market August 22 Latest LME copper stocks 234,175 tons, compared with the previous trading day to reduce 325 tons; the Fed meeting minutes show in September may introduce QE3, news pushed the dollar Powei down, LME late Asian session It closed higher on the London metal Exchange (LME) three-month copper rose $ 10 to $ 7595 per message; Judging from the trend, boosted by QE3 launch signal, the LME short-term upward momentum is strong.

Second, the domestic futures copper (55650,460.00,0.83%) opened higher yesterday closed up the rebound mainly driven initiative to leave short, with long warm up is still insufficient; Today, the main 1211 contract opened May copper rose 210 55 540, the current January 1209 contract opened at 55780 up 160; Fed easing is expected to heat up and Jinchuan on the part of the plant upgrading, and plans to buy more copper, the group purchased a large number of acts of domestic copper play a role in boosting copper prices, copper Follow the rally.

III. The spot market yesterday now copper premium decline, the market price of the Yangtze premium 300 yuan / ton premium to 350 yuan / ton, the Shanghai market traded flat water copper price 55830-55880 yuan / ton, premium copper price 55880-55950 yuan / ton yesterday, the overall supply of copper is now abundant, good afternoon trading copper premium narrowed slightly, but the offer is still strong downstream Weigao mood enhancer, traded mostly based middlemen.

Financial Information Hot

1. The Federal Reserve (FED) on Wednesday (August 22) announced in August Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes, the minutes show that unless the economy appears quite substantial improvement, otherwise the Fed could "soon" resorted to a new round of monetary stimulus. Meeting minutes show that a number of members felt that, unless the information is directed at obtaining future economic recovery, otherwise further monetary easing will soon prove to be justified.

2. United States in July NAR seasonally adjusted annualized monthly rate of existing home sales rose 2.3% annual rise of 10.4%; the total number of years into 4.47 million, is expected to be 4.5 million. The total number of existing home sales in slightly lower than expected, but up slightly from last month, shows that the US housing market continues to recover.

3. According to informed sources, the new Greek government to develop a program to require an additional two years to achieve the deficit target, without eurozone partners requesting their approval to the Greek Parliament to provide more funding. Appeal proposals include allowing the Greek deficit reduction plan would postpone the period from the existing agreements stipulated 2014-2016.


Phone: 020-82290338 Contact: Mr. Xu

Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou