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Current location:Home » News » Common problem » Li Keqiang: to vigorously promote Sino-British cooperation in the field of nuclear power, high-speed rail (Xinhua)
Li Keqiang: to vigorously promote Sino-British cooperation in the field of nuclear power, high-speed rail (Xinhua)
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Local time, Premier Li Keqiang met in the afternoon of the 17th annual British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street in London with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Both sides agreed to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-British comprehensive strategic partnership as an opportunity to push forward the Sino-British relations to a new level.

After June 17, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London, British Prime Minister in the year, witnessed the signing of bilateral areas of finance, technology, education, energy, infrastructure construction and other cooperation documents.

Li Keqiang said that China and Britain are having an important influence on the national, bilateral relations have traversed an extraordinary course, exchanges and cooperation in various fields fruitful. In the world multi-polarization and economic globalization today, the times given much richer Sino-British relations, broader stage, reciprocal relations, strategic and global become more prominent. To both sides of mutual respect and equality on the basis of major interest to take care of each other's concerns, continuously consolidate the political foundation of bilateral relations, Sino-British co-promote growth, inclusive development, accelerate the bilateral relations forward.

Li pointed out that Sino-British bilateral development process and in conjunction with national conditions, to growth, reform and innovation as the starting point, to further improve the level of pragmatic cooperation. Expand trade scale, strive to achieve the 2015 bilateral trade volume $ 100 billion target; vigorously promote nuclear power, high-speed rail, infrastructure, urbanization, and other areas of cooperation, China encourages Chinese enterprises to participate in the British-related projects, and hope that the British side to continue to provide support and facilitate ; enhance the level of financial cooperation to achieve RMB and the pound deal directly, the establishment of the RMB clearing bank in English, Chinese banks during the year to open a branch in the UK; good use of the Sino-British Science innovation Fund, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, the green economy, medicine, aviation and other areas of cooperation close scientific and educational exchanges, as soon as possible hope that the British side to take concrete measures to promote civilian high-tech trade with China; strengthen bilateral cultural exchanges and co-operation between empowerment and appreciated the British side to take China to simplify visa procedures for citizens of UK measures.

Cameron Li Keqiang endorsed recommendations on deepening bilateral cooperation. He said Britain comprehensive strategic partnership since the establishment of the 10th anniversary of cooperation in various fields achieved fruitful results. China's rise has world significance. British side attaches great importance to UK-China relations, the Chinese side is willing to mutual respect and frank dialogue, deepen economic and trade, finance, education, science, nuclear power, high-speed rail and other areas of cooperation. UK welcomes more Chinese enterprises to invest more Chinese students to study in the UK.

Li said that China is the world peace and regional stability staunch defenders. Britain with the permanent members of the UN Security Council, to further strengthen communication and cooperation in international and regional affairs and jointly promote global trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and promote world peace and prosperity.

Cameron said the two countries is an indispensable partner in international affairs. Britain to pursue open and free trade and investment policy and is willing to actively promote investment agreement negotiations in the EU and EU-FTA.

The two sides also discussed international and regional issues of common concern exchange of views.

After the meeting, the two leaders witnessed the signing of bilateral financial, technology, education, energy, infrastructure construction and other areas of cooperation documents.

Prior to the meeting, Cameron is Li Keqiang held a grand welcoming ceremony. Two Chinese military band played the national anthem. Cameron, accompanied by Li Keqiang inspected the guard of honor.

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