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Service Hotline:4000-238-239

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[Group Standards] The kick-off meeting of two group standards, "B1 grade wire and cable wrapping materials" and "halogen-free low smoke filling materials", was successfully held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan

On the afternoon of October 14, 2022, Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association organized experts to hold a kick-off meeting for the preparation of two group standards, namely, "Class B1 halo

Li Keqiang: to vigorously promote Sino-British cooperation in the field of nuclear power, high-speed rail (Xinhua)

Local time, Premier Li Keqiang met in the afternoon of the 17th annual British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street in London with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Both sides agreed to the 10th an

Four fire retardant cable products future trends (Network Cabling)

First, the product technology into the era of standardization, there are rules to follow fire retardant follow the law wire and cable industry is second only to China's second largest industry, au

Wire and cable industry continues to grow huge space for development of market demand

Wire and cable manufacturing industry is the largest industry in the value of electrical appliances industry more than twenty sub-sectors, the electrical appliances industry occupies a quarter of the

China Quality News Network on-line operation of wire and cable channel

March 24, 2014, China Quality News Network wire and cable channel (dianlan.cqn.com.cn) on-line test run. This is an important step China Quality Press Agency in response to the national wire and cable

New Liwan Cable: Cable to lead a new era of environmental protection

Guangdong Cable Co., Ltd. Liwan latest!Product name: halogen flame retardant radiation cross-linked polyolefin insulated cables       LSZH cable refers to the insulation material h

Chinese spot copper rose to 6-year high copper consumption or meet the explosive growth (NetEase)

Chinese spot copper premiums hit the highest level since 2008, the era of high-speed copper demand growth does return to? the answer is negative.Non-ferrous Institute researcher mid Ge Lin County of g

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Phone: 020-82290338 Contact: Mr. Xu

Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou