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LS developed two new types of special cables
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LS Cable announced on the 10th in Korea, the company has successfully developed the use of heavy equipment for special cables. These cables can be used together in the power station and the port and industrial crane. This, LS and South Korea South Korea stuff electricity company's Dangjin coal plants in collaboration research and development work on the project.

    It is reported that, LS Cable Karatsu coal plants in cooperation with the research and development of two cables, one is the composite optical cable (6 / 10kV), the other is the power supply cables (0.6 / 1kV). Two New cables in Dangjin coal plants have been put into use. The use according to points, the composite optical cable for a large crane from a power supply and telecommunication cables, used to run the monitoring equipment. Power cable, compared with a small crane and conveyor systems to provide services.

    Both cables in the development process, both to enhance the performance of related products, including abrasion resistance, stretchability and resistance to bending. First, strip the outer cable braid can effectively prevent cable twist during use, and secondly, the smooth fire butadiene rubber cable coating surface has anti-moisture, anti-oil, anti-solvent, anti-chemical corrosion, etc. . According to LS company revealed that the cable maintains its functionality in extremely harsh environments. Two New cable has passed extremely rigorous quality tests, has been used in Dangjin coal power station.

    So far, only the European cable manufacturer capable of producing this type of special cables. Thus, LS research and development of the project, we can seize the opportunity to develop niche markets, such as new ports, docks, power stations and so on. Moreover, the volume of container ships and tanks has been increasing, the volume of cargo shipping is also increasing. Thus, the importance of such market is self-evident. LS will be two new cable quick to seize the domestic and foreign markets.


Phone: 020-82290338 Contact: Mr. Xu

Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou