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Global Wire and Cable 2013 Annual Meeting May wonderful opening
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Highly anticipated "2013 Annual Meeting of the Global Wire and Cable" will be May 8, 2013 - Kempinski Hotel in Yixing, Jiangsu, held on the 10th annual meeting's theme is "strategic layout under the new cycle." The forum will invite government officials, the cable industry's leading companies, academic experts to discuss new strategies, new models, new trends in the cable industry.

2013 is the first year to fully implement the eighteen spirit, the implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" key link between the past year. From the international and domestic situation, there are opportunities and challenges, hope and difficulty coexist described. In this complex period of change, as the national economy "blood" and "neural" wire and cable industry need a platform to further explore the growth path of the industry, the industry consensus and unite forces of reform and development, and the global wire and cable 2013 the purpose of the annual meeting is the "cohesion Octagon wisdom, boosting the development of the industry", and strive to fully interpret the cable industry policy, explore the direction of industrial development.

It is understood that the annual meeting organizers - cable networks, wire and cable as a global portal has been committed to provide users with the latest, fastest, most complete information, at the same time, the site has held many quite influential in the industry the meeting, promoted cooperation and exchanges between the cable companies.

The global wire and cable in 2013 will focus on the current hot spots, including the pattern and development of the cable industry, new energy, wave power grid as well as the application of new cable materials and the like, the use of forms of dialogue held many forums. There will be leading the famous economist Yao Jingyuan, vice president of UL, Lai Lun-hui, general manager of the global wire and cable business unit, Ray & Berndtson wire and cable company director Philip • Leide Peng and the Far East, on the upper, Huntoon and other cable industry participation, and former United Nations Under-Secretary-General Sha Zukang has confirmed attendance, is bound to set off a feast of ideas.

The Annual Meeting received the National Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Power [-2.30%] Enterprise Confederation, the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association wire support cable branch and other government departments and provincial and municipal cable industry associations, while there are hundred media multi-channel, wide range of reports, I believe 2013 will be set in the global wire and cable line will be the sensational success of the cable industry's top event for the cable industry to promote the healthy, sustained and rapid development to contribute.


Phone: 020-82290338 Contact: Mr. Xu

Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou