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Underground cable installation "electronic identity card"
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June 28, 2012, NARI Group belongs billion of technology companies in the construction of Xiamen Electric Power Bureau intelligent upgrade project "Digital terrestrial identification system" formally launched operation. The project is a combination of networking technology, installed in the northeastern region of Xiamen 1000 ground label of underground cable information for effective management and regulation of underground cables and the implementation of job-site inspection and provide real-time information to quickly locate and enhance power companies job level, to improve energy efficiency.

    Construction of the cable into the ground is the direction of urban modernization. As the management and construction needs, often require underground cables and cable maintenance corridor, excavation of the ground. Currently existing GIS distribution management system can not meet the need for inspection and maintenance, you can not be fast, accurate positioning, delays due to fault repair time can not find the exact path of the cable, the cable fault occurs. At the same time, road construction, excavation will blindly caused frequent accidents, and even cause power cable Waduan, causing heavy casualties and other accidents.

    Borne by the billion of Xiamen Electric Power Bureau of Science and Technology Building intelligent upgrade project "Digital terrestrial identity systems" can effectively solve the above problems. Yili project uses self-developed technology of terrestrial digital identification system, in conjunction with mobile GIS and GPS, UHF RFID tag technology, the label from the ground, a portable device (tablet PC, PDA), intelligent terminals and other components.

    Ground tag is used to record information about the underground cable, pipeline information, and is used to identify ground portable label in the inspection or repair can be achieved when accurate query, locate and navigate to the intelligent terminal, speed up the efficiency of maintenance facilities cable repair work. Intelligent terminal based on the feedback, the run-analysis, forecasting equipment accidents, early prevention and maintenance, effective in reducing the incidence of failure and improve the reliability of power supply, for enterprises to bring significant economic benefits. The system can also access GPMS electricity production management system, through a single task can view the upload to a portable device defect information as well as completion of the task, can further regulate the tour team personnel, greatly improve the inspection completion rates improve power companies operating level.


Phone: 020-82290338 Contact: Mr. Xu

Address: No. 823, Maogang Road, Yuzhu street, Whampoa District, Guangzhou